Prisoner of Your Love Lyrics

Somethings got to hold on me
something deep inside
I know that I should try to run,
but I feel my hands are tied
I dont know whereyou came from,
but you found your way to me
I dont ever wanna be set free
Woman black as coal, sister to the night
stroke my body, touch my soul,
make me feel alright
I dont know just what you want,
but you got your mark on me
its become so very plain to see
Im a prisoner of your love
I dont wanna be set free
Im where I wanna be, yeah
youre the keeper of my soul
you got complete control
lock the door and throw away the key, yeah
Every night I feel the love flowing through my veins
I know my body is free to leave
but my heart is tied up in chains
girl, youve got the best of me
Dont know what to do
might as well resing myself to you
Oh. Let me be the only star of your fantasy
It took me time to realize Im where I wanna be
safe inside your paradise, leave the world behind
Im just a prisoner of your love
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