What Goes Boom Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fatty had it made like a blade in the sun
Like a push in the bush when you got none
Ping pong bingo, fills a la Ringo
a***og bong but it ring wrong
Make some room
What goes boom?

[Verse 2]
I'm a fatty in my caddy with my 'ponic blunt
Not a stunted runt looking natty
Cozy as a manger, Chet Baker in the changer
Subs for my dub, I really got you

Grace in her lace and her stocking
Carrying her bass, she really likes to get rocking
Oh, darling Grace, are we going to get rocking?
[Verse 3]
I like that slinky little punky, little bit funky
Itty bitty chunky right there
Little bit lippy, a whipped cream hippie
Zip and unzippy and I want her

[Hook 2x]


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