Let the Letter Read You Lyrics

Why stay so long where your words are scattered
and doing no good. I've sent a letter a day
for a hundred days. Either you don't read the mail,
or you've forgotten how to leave.
Let the letter read you. Come back.
No one understands who you are in that prison
for the stonefaced. You've escaped,
but still you sit there like a falcon
on the window ledge. You are both water
and stream, but you think you need something
to drink like a lion or a deer.
How far is it? How far is the light of the moon
from the moon? How far is the taste of the candy
from the lips? Every second you give away light.
We accept. We like this market.
Your love is a sweet poison we ear from your hand
to dissolve and drain away the ego life
now spraying this fountain from us.
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Monsters of Grace (2007)