Racecar Lyrics

Freedom beyond our control
Partition, they break out in endless stride
m on the floor in travail
Faithful, days fall
Memories hold
Free my soul
Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step now recalled
Down the drive
Staying so close
Retraction weights my soul

We are thunder
We are all the s***e in tow
Now again, this happening

My handle is honest calculation
Free of the pain
Seeking the glow
We both need it so

Time will give away
Time will formulate

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step evolved
Dont deny
Staying so close
Creation is our goal

We haven't lost our sight
These memories ignite
Now have we lost our way?
We're taking back all that we know

Discretion, the only thing that made me incomplete
Cast the sail, just to spin this fate

Cross the empty sect in flight
Pleasant memories
Redefine all thats left
The sound, it makes me scream
I can hear your voice at night (your light lost in a waking dream within)

Freedom is not of control
Endless the chase, pushing through
Im so engulfed
Falling to strain, but I still persist

All that we'v never seen
Follow the light

Id like to paint this tapestry with our blood
To represent symmetry
Finding a sickened result of possibility
Refuse the violent source and pain that made you
Left to deny that it will chance with no solitude

Let us take this train
Leaving this form, stretching far beyond what I can see
Chasing the race, left to compete

My revelation
Reaction creates this fall
Realize these are broken words

Shattered thoughts amend
See beyond the only present road and just let go
Counsel to ascend
See beyond the only present hold
Let go
Cannot comprehend
Leave it all to find a moments love, I am

Working to be complete
No more adversity
Growing consciously

My revelation, reaction is not the call
Rely on my new self

Rising on my own
Sage advice, embrace wisdom
Hang the past, take the helm
Fashion a new future to live

In your flame
I see regret

Ive awakened to feel a piece of distant pasts harmony
How could I not see?
Possibilities and unlimited passion
Hello luminescent being
Walking outside of my last identity
Celebrate for in the end, well meet inequality

Seeking within
The constant call
Fleeing our fate
Every step recalled
I see light
I see light
I see light
(I see light in your eyes)
I see light in your eyes
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