I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You Lyrics

I'm gonna stop wasting time, honey
Being a run around
Chasing after every little girl
That lives in our town
I'm just take it easy, baby
I tell you what I'm
Gonna do right now
I'm hanging up my heart for you

I'm gonna shake the reputation
Of being a ladies man
Gonna throw away my
Little black book right now
In the nearest trash can
I'm gonna push aside
The things I used to do
Because I'm hanging up my
Heart for you just for you

I wanna thank you, yes
I wanna thank you
For making me see the light
And oh, I'm gonna thank you
Yes, I'm gonna thank you, darling
For the rest of my life
When I first met you, darling
You made my life complete
Everybody knows I love you
They can tell by the way I speak

Im just gonna take it easy, baby
And that ain't all I'm gonna do
Because I'm hanging up my
Heart for you, oh, yes, yes
I'm hanging up my heart
My heart for you, oh, for you
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