Fightin' Over Me Lyrics

Everytime I turn around
the boys fighting over me.
Everytime I step outta the house
they wanna fight over me.
Maybe cuz I'm hot to death
and I'm so so so s**y.
All the boy, all the silly boys
they wanna fight over me.

Repeat Chorus.

We in the VIP killin an ouncing,
whoever aint two steppin is w**** bouncing.
Yea and you know the name of the game
so let go of your dame she chose me,
ever since the DJ announced him.
She got the right tool.
Little b***on down,
all YSL shades,
the ice is bright too.
And I'm around goons,
you might as well let me get her,
promise to send her back tomorrow around noon.
Sore loser but a good winner,
besides that she could use a little hood in her.
The 40 from autobon and the hood in her,
could bend her in the range,
backseat in the center.
Get violent.
If money wanna drive me there's something on the tip of my flicky(?) that spits silent.
I don't feel haters,
and if you're feeling some kind of way,
email him and tell him you're still Jada's.
Repeat Chorus.
Boys, Boys, Boys fighting over me.
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