Riptide Lyrics

I don't care about you I don't care about me
I'm in a state of nothingness a state of egality
Where love is l*** and life is blood and soberness insanity
And ocean of hate and waves of lies brutal profanity
Thrashed around astray

The more you preach the less you teach all I learn is lies
The more you think the less I conceive ignorance must arise
Thrashed around astray
Toss it all away

Riptide - tearing me down
Riptide - tossing me around
Riptide - pulling me under
Riptide - like rolling thunder

I don't need a government or laws and jurisdiction
I'm my best and only friend charity is insane fiction
Follow me I know what best for those who seek tranquillity
No politics or ethic tricks - salvation is stupidity
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