Cyberspace Romance Lyrics

I look at you and I know it will never be for real
We seem to be unreal
We chose a faith beyond the flesh, beyond reality
Without intimacy
Forlorn we linger in this endless seeming s***e
Our love is lost without a trace

How could this tragedy begin, I cannot understand
We never had a chance
To fall in love by the screen, we were so g****** lonely
Constructed our misery
A relationship built by disgrace
Condemned to be so far away

Last night, I remember - you said you'd be forever mine
Just you and me within s***e and time
We drifted away, conjoined in fantasy
No bounds to break our gathering (to break your gathering)
I'll take you home, so come take my hand
Reach out and feel the love that I send
This is to you, just give this a chance
This is much more that a cyberspace romance
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