Velocity Lyrics

The earth is moving round... I feel it now
A shifting in my bones
Under its skin the mountains fall
Into the sea they go... Velocity
I always knew we could not trust stability
Always a crash around the bend
Warning myself 'Don't think you're safe'
For peace is a fickle friend

Somewhere I lost my sense of perspective
I started to trust this life
I should have known all along
Our journey was ending
And into the sea we dive... Velocity
After the innocence is gone... reality
It pulls us to our knees
And all that we know is that life is changing fast
It's the only truth we can believe...
Now I believe... Velocity
Life is changing, time is racing, we are moving fast
Stories fading, truth derailing, everything must pass

Mountains falling, future calling, nothing ever lasts
No more warning, nature dawning, leave us to the

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Incarnate (2014)
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