Sometimes Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm the worst thing that you'll ever know
Always, always
Pick me up then let me go
Thursday, Friday
I'm freaking out so let me through
Head s***e, some place
Never what you thought you knew
In this place

Sometimes, only when I look at you
I know the things I wanna do
Always, always when you're in my room
I know the things I wanna do
[Verse 2]
Can we change the channel cause I'm bored?
Static, bad flick
Tell me who I should support
Red team, green team
I was always bad at sports
Won't play, your game
I want it so it has to be bought
In this place
[Chorus] x2

[Bridge] x4
Sometimes I'm getting closer
Sometimes you win me over

[Chorus] x2

[Bridge] x4
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