Cool Cops Lyrics

Cool cops are gonna
be the death of you
when they get a hold of you -
so get down on the ground
cool cops are gonna throw
the book at you
when they get a look at you -
gonna haul you downtown
Cool cops hate what's on the radio
or any kind of TV show -
oh it's such brutality !
cool cops only want to be around
the million pound indie sound -
oh it's right hypocrisy !
Don't think when the cops
suspect that you
are getting in their way
that they will not think twice
before just simply putting you away

Cool cops - they're always coming
after you !

Cool cops are here
to rain on your parade
unless of course they get paid
(even cops - they gotta eat)
cool cops are always watching
every step (man they even hate johnny depp)
love the sun and packing heat
when you scratch their backs it's so
much easier to pretend
that Q is just a letter and the NME
is still your friend

Cool cops - they're always coming after you !
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