A Whole New World God Only Knows (TV size) Lyrics

L: Lia
D: Duo
C: Chorus
L: I don't wanna let the chance slip away
  Why is my freedom taken away?
  Reason as against emotion
  I've gotta deal with extreme frustration

E: All my efforts will never be in vain
  Endless desire, like a haunting refrain
D: Such a pain, the ideal versus the real
L: There is a way E: To change the world
D: Just count on me

L: So what if I sing off-key, who cares
  Not good at drawing, no big deal
E: Let me go for my one true belief

E: Overcome myself
L: Overcome yourself

D: "A Whole New World God Only Knows"
E: I'll always be on your side
L: I know you're hurting inside
E: To be a knight D: To be a light L: For you
E: We'll be shining bright
L: No more fears D: No more tears
  Everything will work out
  That's "God only knows"
E: Don't get me wrong
  This is not real love but
D: I'll do anything for you
L: Whatever happens in my life, turn the page and come of age
E: Remember, no one can judge me
L: Every end leads to a new beginning of the next stage
E: Try to make my life complete, trust myself
D: Be strong and do my best
  Don't look back, carry on
E: The ideal, find a way out
L: The real, find a way out
D: "A Whole New World God Only Knows"
E: Here's the thing I've realized
L: Deep sadness you can't disguise
E: Keep the goal in sight D: So turn the tide L: For you
E: We can get over
L: One more try D: One more time
  Everything has a reason
  That's "God only knows"
E: Don't let me down
  This is not real love but
D: I'll never leave you alone
L: Whatever happens in your life, look for the silver lining
E: You know, some things are meant to be
L: Even if you feel things are too much to bear, the sun's shining
E: Try to find the answer to all our dreams
D: Believe and do your best
  Not too late, start over

C: Be yourself... Be happy... It's your life...
  "God only knows"
  Find your love... Find your way... For your life...
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