Gimme Love Lyrics

A few years ago at the first us - show
I was sittin´ on a chair in the dressing room there
My heartbeat was up
And my spirit was down
Just close to a nervous breakdown
They called us to come
And we went upstairs
I tried to blow my weakness up in the air
I stood on the boars as if i stood on a shelf
I shivered and thought by myself

Gimme love, gimme love
Gimme your lovin´tonight
Gimme love, gimme love
Gimme your lovin´tonight
When i played the first chords,
The frightening was gone
Everything sounded beautiful,
It was turning me on
The music around me, the audience down
It turn the things upside - down
The longer it lasted
The more I enjoyed it
I was slipping away
And my fears were destroyed
The longer it lasted
The better i played
Carried away by your aid
Gimme love...
Bababa baba, bababa baba, bababa baba

I remember that night when it happens again
When the tag fire is comin´and it's never in vain
More and more I'm gettin´ used to that foreplay
And beg for your help when i say

Gimme love...
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