The Realest Lyrics

Who's the realest, is it you? (Yeah, yeah!) [x8]

[Verse 1 - Fredro Starr]
Sit down, we about to lift off
Let off the ratchets, full metal jackets
Pull your halo backwards, attack with everything
Get that Mac and let it ring like bill collectors
I'm a mass murderer that killed the records
With a fifty round trump do what Diddy dum does
Every n**** on the run in the city that I'm from
We catch a wreck on wreck, the rush hour
You don't want n***** like us to get power
We run scowers in the back we crush flowers
United we stand, divided we fall
Hammers a draw, man down, man on the floor

[Verse 2 - Sticky Fingaz]
Trigger on the 13th make me feel like a king
Wearing brass knuckles like a four finger ring
Got goons on deck that'll take one for the team
Stick you for everything n****, even your dreams
Want to know who the illest? Take a look in my eyes
When you wake up with nothing don't be surprised
Rather hate you for the truth than love you for the lies
I'll take you to the booth, that's where everybody dies
This so much dirt [??] still dripping mud
In the hood n***** grimy money thicker than blood
Get merked over pennies, nickels, and dubs
On boat [??], we the illest [??]

Who's the illest in here?
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