Untitled Lyrics

This dream never ends you said
This feeling never goes
The time will never come
It will slip away
This wave never breaks you said
The sun never sets again
These flowers will never fade
Never fade..

This will never stop you said
This will never leave us
The time will never come
To say goodbye

This tide never turns you said
This night never falls again
and these flowers will never die
Never Die
Never Die..
And these flowers will never die

This dream always ends i said
This feeling always goes
The time always goes to slip away
This wave always breaks i said
The sun always sets again
And these flowers always fade
Will always fade..
This world always stops. I said
This wonder always leaves
The time always comes to say goodbye
The tide always turns i said
The night always falls again
And these flowers will always die
Always die
Always die..
Always die...
Between you and me
Its hard to ever really know who to trust
I would think what to believe
Between me and you
Its hard to ever really know who you choose
How to feel, what you do

Never Fade
Never Time
To give back
Flowers all gone

They Always fade
Always die

Flowers all black
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