What Do You Say Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Hold up, lookin at my watch, think it's time to head out, gotta throw some clothes on, I'm your entertainment, whatcha tryna do tonight, it's all up to you girl, and I can guarantee that you chu will have a good time, baby you know you are, star, and we can kick it.

Baby what do u say, if you wanna ride, come on baby girl, it's nothing, we can make this a date, you can spend the night, no tellin what we gon' do late, what do u say babe, we can talk about, birds and the bees, and being wrong, so what do u say lady, trust me, cause knowin me is not enough, what do u say
[Verse 2:]
O... wahh... baby what do you say... o... oohh... lady, I wanna take you to a few fly places, with you on my arm baby, do on my level, I like us together, and it's straight from the heart, lemme know cause girl I'm ready, whenever you are, baby you choose, roll with me you won't lose, I can take you to the beach, moonlight black sand underneath yo feet, roll around on the ground like we in the sheets, who know when we gon sleep, ta hell with the time.

Your in my mind, (in my mind in my mind, what a sign), constant paradise, whatcha don't know, you can count on me, what a time it will be(what a time it will be)O, (what a time it will be, (what a time it will bEEEee)


[Fade out:]
Onahh... what do u say... Ooo... whoooa... what do u say... yeahyeah
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