Lola Lyrics

Darling I found a bird. It's been torn in two, darling you keep half

And the other you'll give to your lover (x2)
Darling I found a house. It's been burned right down.

Burned to ash and bone.

I'll let you clean this mess all by yourself. (x2)
Honey I found a dog. He's been soaked in mud. Soaked in childrens love.

Yes ill help you wash this dog all right my girl

I wont let you clean this mess all by yourself

and ill help you make it over best I can

will you help me sew the bed up?
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Despair (2009)
In einem Jahr mit 13 Liebe ist kälter als der Tod Satansbraten Angst essen Seele auf Martha Rio das Mortes Warnung vor einer heilgen Nutte Chinesisches Roulette Lola Angst vor der Angst