Grow Up Lyrics

Olly Murs - Grow Up (Lyrics)
Verse 1
I thought about you the other day
what the hell happened with you and me cos oh
ain't no love here no more
You aren't as cool as you use to be
closer to the mirror than you are to me
I said oh had to show you that door
Pre Chorus
Some day I hope we can fix it cos I ain't to proud to try
say hi to your friends and if they ever ask you why we don't talk

I know you gotta grow up
Ain't you sick of being immature
Talking loud cos you're insecure
you always turn it up, turn it up, turn it up come on.
why you always got to show off
your so vain that I already know
that when you hear this on the radio you're gonna turn it up, turn it up, turn it up
cos its all about you
Verse 2
Now you said some stuff that you cant take back
how did you think that i would react
Cos you must be out of your mind
how did we go straight from love to hate now it's so deep that we can't be mates I said oh we should give it some time
Middle Eight
Oh (crowd)
Anytime ya started, Growing up a little darling x2
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