Blood Red Tears Lyrics

Verse 1
Lighten up, Give it up
I see a chance to make it up
There's a price for every day
You've just thrown away
I am all I ever was
Didn't change the way I was
Get a grip, b***on it
Cool down, Hypocrite
Couldn't you find her? Examine your head
Here's a reminder, Blood red tears were shed
Didn't you need her? Examine your head
Will you remember? Blood red tears were shed
Verse 2
You dispose, I oppose
Couldn't you resist a go
You applaud your reward
I sit here alone
You agree to comfort me
Every day I try to leave
End of feud, Your attitude
Worn there on your sleeve
Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
They tell me to go, I lie that I know, He cries so unkindly

Repeat Chorus
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