You've Got to Give Me Room Lyrics

I love J-mill so much

They say each day brings something new
well i guess that couldnt be mre true
I guess, im speaking on the changes
that i been goign through
This morning as I brushed my hair
this strange new feeling,
I can't compare
Suddenly, I become aware
You got to give me room

I know how deep our love has been
Since we were very young
and now, the walls are closing in
and those yester years are gone
I know, that it been hard on you
to understand my point of view
how can i make it clear to you
you got to give me room
I confess
I can't say that I don't love you
but this love I have for you
grows weak,not strong
If it was up to me
our love would fortunately
be on the virge of flying home
yoy know how deep love is tingly
i am more that what you thik I were
I am a woman going through a phase
I got to live ife
before these precious years are through
there are some goals i must,pursue
how can I make it clear to you
you got to give me room

You got to give me room (repeat to fade out)
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