Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie) Lyrics

You've seen her face in the magazine
She smiles for you from the TV screen
She's just so unstoppable
You've heard her name like a thousand times
Super woman in all the storylines
She's just so unstoppable

Natalie keeps coming back for more and she's out of control
And she's taking on an ever so contagious road

Natalie keeps coming back from the dead again
She's a little bit too much even for my friend
She's just so unstoppable
Spotlight's on, Natalie returns
Four, three, two, one and she's on the air
Can't stop her, impossible

You fell for her like a trigger tree
It's understood 'cause you can't leave
Her love out's unstoppable
Do you feel like everyone else?
You'll find love wherever she goes
She's something, like everyone else

You can't stop her (you can't stop her)
You can't stop her, none of us really can
She's a lover...
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