Intro Lyrics

Ahh ahh, I never saw so many people tonight
I mean y'all all got it crowded up in here and that's good
I'm glad that y'all givin it up for him, y'all givin it up for him
that's good -- y'all make me want to cry or somethin
Alright ladies and gentleman, tonight is a special night
For one thing let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Russell Jones
Excuse me for that one I had to let that one low ahh-hahhh
And tonight, you're going to see that you never seen before
Somethin that, that nobody in the history of rap ever set theyself to do
This f***** guy, that I speak to you about, is somethin crazy
He's somethin insane, he's the greatest performer every-since
uhh, what's the guys name? [Ol Dirty!!]
Ahh, da, ahh, James Brown, he's bad, and he's a cool guy
And you'll really need him, I mean need to really get to know him
Ladies and gentleman, from all houses, to all towns
From the moons of Pluto, back down to earth
Ladies and gentleman, one more time, give it up for
The Old Dirty Doggy, I mean, the Ol Dirty b******
I love that guy!
(Ol Dirty!!)

Yes, how y'all doin out there?
I wanted y'all to know that tonight is a special night
Cause I'm happy to be living, you know
A n**** tried to shoot me down and s***
You know and, I don't know man it just feel good to be here man
And I want to let all y'all know I love you man, I love all y'all
You know, but *sniff* but I really came here tonight *sniff*
For one reason *sniff*, just cause *sniff* I don't need to cry
I don't need to cry, dub you can play that s*** man, play it man
I'm tired of this s***, remember the time I told y'all
When I got burnt, gonorrhea
Well this b****, there's a new b**** g******it
Ohh, b**** burnt me again with gonorrhea
So I didn't get burnt one time I got burnt actually two times
when you really look at it
Yeah, I love the girl but I had to cut the b**** off
Yeah the b**** died, I killed the b****
She suffered a long pain b****y a** go b**** had to go
I I knew the b**** for ten minutes of her life
But the p**** was good! Yes the p**** was good!
I just want you to know girl!
That I dedicated, this song, well this song really was written
by Blowfly, and I want all y'all to hear this s***
It's just a poem that I writ for you girl
*paper crinkles*
The first time, ever you sucked my d***
Thank you thank you!
I felt, the earth tremble, under my b****
Somethin shot out of me real fast
First time
Nah I'm just kidding witch'all
How y'all feelin, listen to the album 'cause it's BANGIN
We have only thirty-five chambers, there is no thirty-six
I know that, but, I want to create a new chamber
Oh? And what would that be?
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