Head Up High Lyrics

Where were you when I needed heat?
I'm frozen
Gotta get myself up and believe
I'm broken
Swim forward, we're under water
She took your breath away
Tell me love, thought you said you'd die for me
No heavy rain's gonna hold me down anymore
No sin or shame's gonna strain my soul, oh no
Another day I'm the shine in your eyes
Another day
Gonna hold my head up high

Higher, higher, higher,
My head up
One day was all it took for us
To fall apart
Ship sinking with my heavy heart
Come rescue us
I stay strong, melt the words on my tongue
Lights flash, you walk away
Love's so big
Got no room for hate in me

All these times I told myself
Inseparable but time would tell
Nothing is set in stone
Carved in wood can't control
All these nights I begged for rest
Spin off into the wilderness
Nothing is set in stone
Turn my back
Hit the road

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