Monolithic Egress Lyrics

There are no blood hunger parasites on his side of the mirror but on my side it's getting bleak
Our words are so much louder now that we almost never speak

Outside i'm desert inside i'm howling
No you never did me wrong we've just been together too long babe
Go deeply he said go silently he said

I think i'm pinging in the dead of sky cause my cocoon is threaded in soft metals if you'd absorb the mountain you could join me there
We'll both be ugly failures and we won't even care

Outside i'm desert inside i'm howling
We were the raping of the embryonic virgin spring, no fun out of that state
I can only bury the statues cause the dead have already been eaten, threw a rock punctured the skull of the sea started a freeze out again

I picture you a waif on a pacific break where the yawning void of your childhood sorrows can't haunt you
And along my miserable returns hating myself like i know that you want me to do
But there was always the Passion of Saint Matthew in my head to say she knows me, what do you know?

Should we endeavor to hate each other just to feel like we're moving pieces?
I know that i will always need to possess you in the abstract
In mock celebration of our centipede plague raving we set the stables into porphyrian flames
You can turn on me but then you must expect the same, i'm not a different man cause you now call me by some f***** up name

There is no sympathy for the ox or the brutal wars that we don't even bother naming
Just as our victimless suicides the future is a poseur and i'm drenched in glass
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