Coffins of November Lyrics

Tides of October washed over me again
Like a choir of whispers that wakes in me as the dark arrives
Year after year, building my black coffins under falling leaves
With rusted nails, among the rusted trees
And I cannot hide
These chariots of flames and shades that light the night, I cannot hide!
These thoughts that broke the silence, like thunder in my mind
My hands of demons and words of saints,
In the end they all will remember
As I ride this madness and drag these coffins,
These coffins of November

Like an echo in this valley that I walk, I chant out the weakness
Like a cathedral of souls so lost, my heart always reminds me
Of those piercing eyes like diamonds, like dying embers in the night
When I lay down with my ghosts, who drag me away from the light
These chariots of flames...

Raindrops on my shallow grave, where I listen still and quiet
Scared to breathe and wake those thoughts,
To wake the curse in me again

These coffins in the woods,
These wooden sanctuaries from the world
I can't hide any longer from this coming darkness
This killing season of the mind [2x]
The dark that flames the fires in my eyes
Is the light that guides me through the night
I build these walls to save them
Tonight I count these coffins, five caskets open wide

Alexander Högbom: Vocals
Fredrik "North" Norrman: Guitars
Emil Alstermark: Guitars
Mattias "Kryptan" Norrman: Bass
Jocke Wallgren: Drums
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