Blessing It (remix) Lyrics

Each one, teach one we free each one
Travelin from Cincinatti to the far east son
And we just begun to spread the gospel
Substantial, Pase Rock, hip hop apostles
Far from preachin with this art you call rappin
Takin y'all back to before this all happened
Frontin hardcore when you barely soft p***
Never penetratin the inner to get your heart warm
Rock on, art of this ridiculous pace
Disrepect hip hop and I'll spit in your face
These pitiful wastes of oxygen, it's madness
Get in your case, and all your s***, like back checks
I got my eye on ya, like insanity grabbed ya
I'ma sleek pathogen, and I can't stand rappin
You're bound to get ripped, and then turned into garbage
I stay blessin mics, my followers pay homage

[Chorus x2:]
Substance, blessin it
Yes I am, blessin it
UV for life, hell yes we stay blessin it
Pase on, blessin it
Yes I stay blessin it
Five Deez forever you know we stay blessin it

On point like the pens we write with
Livin righteous, in these times of peril and crisis
The pain'll squeeze you lifeless, dead, what's the matter who's the nicest
Who's alive, who's gonna live to see the profits
Hopefully me, my lifeliner MC
Extends past paying dues how much it cost to be free
Recluded underground, but on the surface a tree
Branchin out, all I ever wanted to be
They wanted to put us in a box, and then pack it away
But we ain't havin that, no pause, no which way
Yo I'm going to the top and that's where I stay
f*** the middle ground, poor, gettin biz while you was sittin down
The joint sound hittin now, freestyle'a written down
Your flow's played out money you need to get that s*** a style
Speedy on the quick fast, long term we make it last
Forever and a day stay clear on the path cuz yo
Children of the sun look out here we come
Live in Brooklyn, Maryland's where I'm from
The beat don't stop, till you've had enough
Five Deez, UV, connect that's what's up
Children of the sun watch out we comin for ya
Rocking from the 'natti mid-west to California
And it don't stop even when you've had enough
Pase and Substantial dude that's what's up
Blessin it, effortless
Doesn't this, doubt it
Mic specialist son, we have events crowded
As nice as you wish you were
Good mics are my signature
I thought you said this s*** is hot
It's barely room temperature
We scorch it, we torturing cats from Cincinatti to New York
And back, word to pad, don't say jack
When we bankrupted your crew from spinnin the wheel of fortune
Black, we take you there and send you walking back

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