Living Hell Lyrics

Taking in all I can see
I can't see what's ahead and I don't want to see what's lying behind
No way out and no way to stay
My reason is blind my reason is blind yeah
Always claim the road revenge
But the cry for vengeance only seems to lead to spilling more blood
Who can say how it began
What really counts is that nobody can say how it will end
You live in hell - you create hell
I ask you why, you say - I don't know
All your books they speak of peace
But, murder and death seem to be the only things you want done
Must be something out of Kafka's dreams
A never ending cycle of blood
Making men killing machines
Whose only goal is to add to the rising body count
You claim to kill in the name of god
For a god of peace he seems to revel in the seasons of blood

Never think about the end it is easier to hate than to live on in peace
Unleashed a violent rage
You don't seem to mind and you don't seem to need a good reason why
Looking for someone to hate
I see these lives I see to many lives wasted this way
All your leaders they are the same
Now one seeks peace not one seeks peace
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