Noah Lyrics

Why am I crying?
Today I am going to say my prayers again
Oh save us
Let's get up, all of you!!!
And stand in line!!! (Stand in line!!!)
Now I'm gonna pick you out!!!
Don't try to act against me (Act against me!!!)

A bright future is a**ured for all the chosen ones!!!
Then what will become of you?!!!
Fate of revelation? Who knows?!!!

The world has always been owned by anyone but me!!!

"You pass, so get on"!!!
"You fail, so get out of here"!!!
"You pass, so get on"!!!
"You fail, so get out of here right now"!!!
How can you smile?
When there are some who were not chosen
I know you just, just cannot see me
Though I'm here, I am here

Why am I crying?
Where is my voice? Where is my hope?
I've lost my faith, oh, please tell me
Who can I pray, who can I pray to?

Why will the life go somewhere from here?
What's the difference between you and me?
There is none, oh, there is none
If you call it fate
I'm gonna kill and ridicule my faith
The day of judgement is drawing near
While the rain hits me so hard

The rain hits you so hard!!!
It's the end of the world (It's the end of the world!!!)
The end of the world, end of the world
(The evils are being taken by a high wave!!!)

Is it real?!
Is it fate?!
Is it envy?!!
Is it desire?!!!
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