Freaky Teeth Lyrics

Well, they knew you were coming down
On the darkness at the edge of town
And they came to steal the lightning from the sky
Yeah, the push might just come to shove
And your love might not be enough
To free you from the fears that paralyse
Yet they used to love you for the way you sang your soul
Now they've come to claim you through the night
The ghosts have come to steal the light outta your eyes
But your mama and your wife
Cut your heart out with a knife
And they left you for the dogs to lick your bones
They made you cry the rain
But they loved you just the same
Before your God, and the Devil, touched your soul

Tell me what did you bequeath
To the girl with the freaky teeth?
Well, she showed you things she'd stolen from the queen
Took out your heart's desire
As she danced back into the fire
With the Holy Man who stole your tambourine
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