In Charge Lyrics

Don't try to chase me
Don't try to fool me
Don't even hurt me cos you ain't gettin' nowhere
The lies u told me, you said you'll be there
You'd always stay here but you ain't
And you wouldn't so I can do without
Gave me ur hand reached out for you,
This don't make me dependent on you
Now I'm in charge this time it's me in control,
I'm no more under your sole
It's such a shame now,
The way u treat the ones who trust you
Hope when you need someone,
That you do learn and see you did wrong
You make td people eat ur laws,
You rape their souls like carnivores
Ur hungry for more, you must always be sure,
Don't even care whether rich or poor
But when the tables turn
There is no more you and me...

I noticed and I knew it I was ur slave
You were using me for ur progress
But now, now I'm free

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Victim of Truth (2005)