Can't Please Everybody Lyrics

Bendin' over backwards
You walk on shells like a prisoner
But it's shaky ground when you livin'
In a house of cards
Your nerves are shot
You can barely cope
(You're) spread so thin like a tightrope
Trippin' over yourself to make sure
You never miss a mark

Don't you know
You can't please everybody
No you can't please everybody
No matter how hard ya try
What you lookin' at me for
I used my tears to mop the floor
One stick one stone ain't enough to make me fall apart

Somebody waits for you with a crown
And somebody else wants to take ya down
It don't matter which side of the fence
That you choose to ride

You need someone to hold your hand
Someone to understand
But you tiptoin' tryin' to find it's just a waste of time
So many people up in your face
Only hold ya back
Only slow your pace
You'll lose it if ya keep on tryin'

Hey hey hey

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