Don't Ask Me Lyrics

Mr. K comes out to play
Inquisitive as ever
He'd like to know a bunch of things
He thinks you're pretty clever
The height of Cyd Charisse
The probability of chance
The capital of Turkey
And the president of France

Don't ask me, got no genius to mention
And I just don't know what to do, what to do
Don't ask me, I'm the father of invention
And you'll never know what is true, what is true
The origin of species
The date of Waterloo
Oppenheimer's shoe size
And the latitude of Timbuktu
The square root of thrity-eight
Why they call he-goats billy
The weight of Colonel Sanders
And the whereabouts of Chile

Before you go on may I make a suggestion
To get to the truth,
You must first know the question

(Chorus to end)
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