Electric Blue Lyrics

At night
All I think about is you
On that high
This is what you do
Rock with me steady
Set, ready
Sweet baby
Come down like confetti
Rock steady
Feeling good already
Look at what you do
Electric blue

I need you
You need me
It's amazing what we could be
I need you
You need me
This is what those little three letters have done to me

[Hook - The-Dream:]
You wanna talk about it
You wanna read about it
Bring your a** over here
Come see about it

All the time
Got you on my mind
Should be a crime
Give me life
Don't ignore the signs
Let me help you decide
Cause I'm yours
It's only right
That you would be mine
Rock steady
Feeling good already
Look at what you do
Electric blue


[Hook 2x]

Hold up
Let me take your inhibitions from you, girl
Strip you naked, take a picture of you
If you like what you see, then let me give it to you
I'll make up for the sucka s*** that n**** did to you
I know he questioning your whereabouts
But f*** him, your happiness is all I care about
Another day, another dollar, in Bugatti we ride
A half a million round my collar with that yake inside
I can provide and protect, even better than that
Anybody disrespect and I'ma get 'em to check
I'll renovate your whole world
Make your homegirl jealous
'Til you tell her "that one mine, get your own, girl"
Cause you deserve it, I'll find a place
Free of the sucka that you wouldn't give the time of day
Overlook the views of blue skies
Beautiful sophistication
But me and you equal fornication

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