Cashmere Lyrics

wait hold up, j, you see that chick? (which one?)
right there, wit them big a** lips (god daaamnn!)
uhh huh (how she get so thick?)
i bet she used to be skinny till she got some..
diss my girl again lil homie, why you talk that ish?
ima go game her up & take her back to the crib (waitin for me)
na bro.. (but she know the bizz)
yeah right.. (real talk watch a pro do this)

um excuse me girl but yo style is dope
you got swag too, i noticed that a while ago
my name is legacy and its my first day here
I was wondering if you can be my first date here

um, haa. excuse my friend, hes kinda new to meetin girls cause he use to men (use to men?)
girl this dude is stupid huh (yo i aint gay)
why dont you tell the truth for once (she want me)
you dont even have a mustache yet (if you dont shut the hell up with yo buff a** neck..)

so anyway, wait hold up see u made her p*****
Aye yo come back before you leave, let me tell you this

(Cashmere cashmere)
You know I'm really diggin yo style
(Cashmere cashmere)
all I wanna do is c u smile (cashmere cashmere)
you don't need that dude ben j
(Cashmere cashmere)
well aye you wanna be ma babe

See its like this 5'11 with good s**ing and unpredictable and keepin them girls guessin
Know that earl was the bomb Im making oprah plans
I got the world in my palms some come hold ma hands

(na bro)
5 ft 8 swat size great long as hell
I can make you lose weight
but cha body off the chain
make me wanna scream
not even kiesha & the game didnt even feel that much pain

that was lame (you a lame)
ya momma (say whaat?)
well come here girl, let me give you some McLovin'
Im feelin you alot & you the baddest thing yet
& my love aint big enough.. (thats what she said)
can you stop? (stop what she lookin boreder than me!
& you lookin like a hobbit off The Lord of the Rings
d***, now think of wats important to me
ayyo, where u goin girl..?
I got some more on my sheet

(Cashmere cashemere)
you no Im really feeling yo swagg
(Cashmere cashmere)
I want me and u to make it last
(Cashmere cashmere)
legacy who? all you need is j
(Cashmere cashmere)
but yeah you wanna be ma babe
he a dog girl all he do is run and smell
you wanna buff Nick Cannon
Or a young LL?
Thats the point Im tryna make cause he dumb as hell
& I can make you fall in love after 1 quick meal
Then she stopped, paused, stared in my eyes
& for the first time moved her mouth to reply

she said that she kissed a girl & she like it
& ever since that night she was a full blood d*** chick..

What? (what wait?) wha did she jus.. (what she say?) wha...?

Hell naw!
(cashmere cashmere)
thas why yo breath stink
(Cashmere cashmere)
What the hell is wrong with yo teeth?
(Cashmere cashmere)
when I said liked you I lied
(Cashmere cashmere)
Im over here uncross yo eyes

..ayyo dont get me wrong though. we love l******s just not you..
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