Into the Night Lyrics

[Chorus 1: Daniel Stephens]
Baby, let's drive into the night
Just get up and go, leave our worlds behind
It's so easy if you just say that you might
Just get up and go, leave it all behind
[Chorus 2: Alana]
Baby, I just wanna get it right
Let's just take it slow, I hope that you don't mind
It's so easy if you wait another night
Just go with the flow, leave it all behind
[Chorus 1] + [Chorus 2] + [Chorus 1]

[Bridge: Daniel Stephens]
So baby, let's just get away the night
Pack up all your bags, start another life
If we leave right now, we'll be there before it's light
Do you wanna go, leave it all behind?

[Chorus 2](x2)
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