Peace in Mind Lyrics

i've got a little piece of mind
from the comfort of a stranger
like vulture love does
we took from eachother
justify desire with a verdict that comes empty
when we exist
in the air that we breath in

nothing in this time is done
with peace in mind
so i claim a piece of this world
to get peace in mind from
memories i took to heart
that left me colorblind
so i'm taking daily bread and wine
to keep me cool inside
i had a home
inside of me

acoustic loneliness

i knew a young girl by the name of Suzie
now she sleeps with her arm on a Uzi
cause she sleeps giving up what she's got for free
acousticly trained in love
she talks in mono monologues

tomorrow's promisses
they have all just past away
they slip through my fingers
now their all
just history

chorus 2x

keep me cool inside
like the wind on me
my memories
coming to me
come on honey
aaw baby
let's take it slow
let's some bread
let's take some wine
let's spend some time
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