Say Now Lyrics

Gun shots ringed out over the city
And had everybody ducking and running checking for any
Kinda shelter cause them peoples man they at it again
If you ain't heard or seen it then you better pretend
Ain't got no time for stopping ain't no catching your wind
Ya baby mamas on the porch telling her daughters "come in"
Got fathers grabbing sons "where the hell have you been?"
Boy and y'all just starting young I'm talking 13 and 10
They started trading in the streets some type of ghetto battles
But they ain't hooping in the gym they hooping crates in the alleys
Where else can you shoot a jump shot
Slang a rock all from the same spot?
Got one gang on this half the other gang
On the other half of the same block
Gun play on Monday
Sundays a fun day
Will it stop one day?
I can't call it no way
When your getting started everybody want to help and get you off
But turn around first m************ want to see you fall

Say now (say now)
Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
Say now (say now)
Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
Say now
Can you hoes come out to play now?
Say now
Can you hoes come out
Na wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute
[Bridge: x2]
Feel like I'm running for the daylight
Trying ta get my mind right
And just before I die will somebody reach out and s***** it from me
Say now
Can you hoes come out to play now?

(Hear me out)
Trying ta put my city on the map and they mad at me
The same city some of them live in and they mad at me
When I come down to speak dirty why you mad at me?
Is it cause the old school freaked out n***** from A to Z?
Eight Cd's, TV's, I aim to please
They mean the same to me like Biggie to see's
Like Easy to E's, Tupac to overseas
And I done seen more Lia fans fall cry to their knees
I tell ya, I ain't been living this life for too long
And I can't count how many times someone has asked me what's wrong
Why my mother was gone
Why my daddy wasn't home
And the same s*** they told me I found myself telling my own
Now its good-bye bad nights
Hello good times
There ain't no way Ill let no n**** step in my shine
Keep trying (keep trying)
There's bound ta be something G
As long as I'm in STL
You in the TIC
I'll tell ya


Hear me out now

Say now [Repeat: x4]
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Nellyville (2002)