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Dirty E & T
We All We Got
StarTracks on the G-M-be
I'm not the man sittin' next to the man
But I'm the man sittin' wondering if I'ma ever see you again
If i'ma ever get the chance to hug and squeeze you again,
I swear I'll leave you again
You ain't gotta worry bout it (Woo)
Dirty is simple man
I run up on you, "man and all", I ain't no minute man
A G-4 headin' straight for Switzerland
Or independent 8-Mile down to Michigan
She so sit (man) an S-T-L Hottie
Aqua bottom demin
The fliest thing in the party
Baby last could it be Mo-Lotte?
Got mo' back than she got body (Eh!)
Fall back, get 'Cris and drin' it up
Tomorrow hit the mall
And 'Cris you d-it up
Credit card to the max
Come Back!
I re. it up
If I'm movin' too fast fo' ya
Hurry to speed it up
Or ease up, whichever one you prefer
We yellow diamonds or the whites
Whichever one you prefer
Cali we do the drop
New York we do the furr
Easy Coast West Coast whichever one you prefer!

(If I could)
Take you,
Around the world,
(Take you around that world
Then shorty would you be my girl)
(Would you be my?)
Buy you cars (Woo), credit cards (Woo)
Big jewelry with diamonds, girl
(Woo, would you still be my girl?)
(Would you be my?)
Not wit' me yet but I could have a rock
I'm a different kindda' balla' baby, feel or not (Feel or not)
Yea I'm a playa' and I crush a lot
I also puff a lot
But I'll stop if you fuss a lot
Err-thing I done done you ain't satisfied
And you don't want to' answer to my "Who's?" and my "Why's?" (Eh)
Just loan me back my keys to my CL55
Better hurry the bus leave at 7:55 (55)
We ff that
Take you to the field, ma
Let you ride horse back
Yea I'm 50 miles from the arch and all that
But from the bedroom, balcony, you can see all that
I can see you pointin' now like
"What do you call that?"
Got all these d*** cars
"Where the hell do ya' park at?"
We used to ask "What it cost?"
Now it ain't no more a'that
I made it so ya' own mama call ya "It's all c***"

Take you (take you)
Girl if I couldn't
Take you (take you)
If I couldn't
Take you around the world
Tell me would you still be my girl?
If I couldn't
Take you (tale you)
Now way to
Take you (take you)
Girl if I couldn't
Take you around the world
Tell me would you still be my girl?

[Chorus: Repeats]
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