Walk Away Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nelly]
Somebody said they saw you walkin' up out the salon
Switching up your hair, got your freaky dress on
Said that you were fresh, like you were 'bout to perform
And I"ma f****** mess I had you on my own
Wake up - you was gone, I can"t even blame you
Now you in the arms of a stranger
And now I"m all alone with this anger
You used to feel safe now I"m danger
So when you had to leave without a warning
Such a whirlwind, I want my girlfriend
Got me on ten, I can"t even pretend
You used to love me, but now you ain't here

[Hook: Florida Georgia Line]
And I hope you"re happy
Hope you got what you wanted
And since I no longer want it
I guess, I walk away
(Guess I got you to walk away, yeah)
I really hope he makes you happy
I hope he gives you everything that you wanting
All the things that you wanting
But the presence I"m holding
I guess I walk away
(Guess I got you to walk away)
[Verse 2: Nelly]
Girl you got me all this stressing and this manic depressing
I"m switching up how I'm feeling and listening to suggestions
Hey your expression is new, thought you knows all up in her IQ
And I could write a book on how to
Ruin a good thing, living without you
Thought I paid for my wrongs "cause I ain"t have enough
Told me I"m living, I had to call you bluff
Now I"m calling your phone, but you ain"t picking up
I should have gave you love, I should have gave you trust
And now you moved on, and you"re forgetting us
I"m singing this sad song, but you don"t give a f***

[Verse 3: Florida Georgia Line]
There"s nothing that hurts more than heartbreak
No one wants to take that fault
You"re thinking about her all day
Nothing else matters at all
And the only thing worse than her living
Is knowing it"s your fault
And now I"m going through hard times

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