k.I.s.s. Lyrics

Got me on a mission
I wanna get you in... position
I don't wanna keep my cool baby
I can keep my distance
Nice to meet you
I'll be in your attention
I'm so into you
I just wanna be your lover
On the floor
On the chair
When I'm kissing you
I can't think about another
Girl turn the lights on


You're my pride and joy
You're my baby boy
People ask me
How I found you
They ask me
If I love you
And I'm crazy about you
I want your love
Kissing you it's all about I've been thinking off
Kissing you it's uuuu (repeats)
See I'm gonna go kissing you
... shorty you will never
... out girl I was built for pleasure

I'll make your body start raining
I'll change the weather
Let it fall on me
I don't need no umbrella
From the back from the back
From the front from the front
On the side
Mama here it comes
I just wanna be your lover
Now sing it for me girl


I'm in my Lexus...
Talking to my text buddy
Said I forget about her
Thinking about my next money
Not only... honey kiss is what I think of
You got me. far what's the code so we can...
Kitchen floor kitchen table f*** the whole sink
The... on your back open like a...
The mess that we're making we can blame it on the liquor
If that's not enough you can blame it on Murphy

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