Loved by You Lyrics

Do I Look Different Wouldn't Be Surprised If I Did
Cause It Isn't That Often That Someone Affects Me Quite Like This
And There's Only One To Blame, That I've Been All Rearranged
Showing All My Face That's Because

Somebody Loves Me More Than I Thought Was Possible
Somebody's Changed Me And It's You That's Responsible
You Gave Me Your Heart, Don't Need Anymore Evidence That I'm Loved
Somebody Gets Me And It's Not Just Coincedence
Somebody's For Me, And It Makes All The Difference
You Gave Me Your Heart Don't Need Anymore Evidence
That I'm Loved By You
There's A Change For A Better A Change For Good
I'm Changed For The Better I Am Changed For Good
The World's Looking Sunny
Cause That's What You Do To Me

I'm Loved By You
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