It's Sand Man Lyrics

Do you dig romancin"?
Cop your chops a kiss
But if you dig dancin" baby dig this
You want a new dance to do
It"s Sand, Man
You"re bound to think it"s grand man
Don"t" have to move from where you stand
Yes, you can do the Sand, Man
You dust up your feet to do it
Ain"t really nothin" to it
This beat your feet will understand
I"m a fan do the Sand, Man
Your feet keep scrapin"
And scratchin" up such a sound, I"m tellin" you
Just pick your toes up n" lay "em down
Cause it"s the greatest for never travelin"

Just standin" still and gravelin"
Your feet will flutter like a fan
Man it"s grand man it"s Sand, Man
How"s about a little sample of sandin"?
How"s about another step for demandin"?
How"s aboutcha kind of puttin" a hand in?
Here we go a-sandin"
Count to keep score, 1,2,3,4
Then do four more
You gotta really ruffle up the floor lemme tell you
Big, bold, broad beat brought back by Basie"s band man
But even Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart
Took in the tappin" toes art
Go dig the ballet too
But man get your Sand Man, it"s Sand Man
Don"t pause
You dig it man
I dig it man
Then everybody out to better understand
You"ve got to scuffle up a sandstorm
Somewhere under your two feet
T" make old feet end up feelin" like new feet
Go right on man
Be raisin" Sand Man
The dance you do is grand man
Diggin" Sand Man
And it"s grand man
But then it"s
Sand Man!
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