Hypnotic Trance Lyrics

Hello my friend relax comfortably in your seat
Look into the spiral
Don't let nothing else distract you
As you watch you become very sleepy
Even though you hear every word I say
You're in a hypnotic trance
Stay asleep till I ask you to awaken
Now's the time to experience your unconscious mind
I control the speed of your heartbeat
With the movement of my hand
You're in a hypnotic trance
You are not afraid to tell me anything
Regions of your brain are controlled by me
You have now escaped from reality
I control the direction of your emotional reaction

You have forgotten everything
Since your eyes have closed
Now I know your hidden fantasies
Things which have never been revealed
I control the power of your mind
Make no effort to remember or forget
It is just a dream when I snap my fingers
As you wake will you be the same
You're in a hypnotic trance
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