Mastermind Lyrics

Anonymous existence, rendered useless to mankind
Destroy the logic volume in the confines of the mind
En massed and purposeless, marching in a perfect line
Neo-neuro torture, mental meltdown, a heinous crime
Mastermind, I tell you what to think
I tell you what you need
I tell what to feel
Invade the core of souls to wipe the lives away
Design vacant beings, welcome the inhuman race
Encrypted horror codes, directive psyche overwrite
Processing brains to pabulum
Delete and format living drives
I tell you what's real
Hail to the power age, lest the viral hour comes
Raise the flag of voltage, bow to circuitry unknown
Kneel before the processor, lords of static laugh
Electrons in submission, you must know who I am
I tell you what to think
I don't care what you thought
I tell you what to get
I don't care what you got
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