My Peeps Lyrics

Chorus: (x2)
We are on a mission
No smooth talk straight up dissin'
You tried to step to usBut your punk a** missedBooya, NANA you can't touch this
Rap verse 1 (ski):
I flip on any scrip put in front of me yo
Murder n' a vision of life ,You Better keep it Down Low
Step to me with caution ,Booya the raw s***
Ah the dan dada ,Smooth T. and keep it flawless
Rolls with the click ,Quit the buzz show s***
97 Booya aint havin' it ,Uh
Now playas keep hatin and fakinBut we be makin figures with the dan dada huligan n****
Hoody sportin ,s*** talkinI could walk in any area and lyrically bury yaBeat you up then carry ya
To the symmatery so I can bury ya

Rap verse 2 (Pappa Bear):
Now let me make it clear n**** once and for all
That is the season ,To give reason ,And make pleasin
You woman when you out on the showI'm slappin that a** on your b**** Down Low
The flow that you spoke was too d*** original
The s*** that you wrote was too d*** digital
Funk as vis-sion back to your mama
I know where to find ya ,Here comes pappaBefore you bend over put some grease on your a**Cause NANA's gonna come to make a mess

>Chorus (x2)

Rap verse 3 (T.C.):
Hamburg in da house (ah ha)
It's Brooklyn in da house (ha ha ha )
Young black is in da house (ho hoo)
My man bulo is in da house (thats right y'all)
Check it Toni C. the fairytale tella
Writtin out lyrically with natures roccafella
In the music industry we are million record sella (ho hoo)
And lots of cash like mister roccafella
We all came together for our man NANA
You know the darkman the real dark brotha
So all you jealous m****f****s step back
Cause NANA's in da house he's about to attack
We are money maka ,you nothin but a faka
Called Booya music aka under taka
So check this out I gotta pass the mic.
Who else man it's the short lord check it

Rap verse 4 (Short Lord):
hey you wassup wit da gadi la di dadi
Ask anybody who likes to party
Da any would be wanna test me
I kill em softly ,quickly
The Black ,The Short Lord from da booya clan
Lyrically i'm stoned out warmly
I'm washing tone with a spoon
Anyway I dedicate this one to my man
And ANA these n***** who wanna play
Phony MC's better play wit maxwell halibury
They ain't comin at me when I drop my war collabsery
Straighten that be matter of fact i'm all that
Like the boy Down Low they just makin a noise
How are some of ya about to blow out this bluff
When I said from cuffs we won't stop
Definetly got the n***** to hold the f*** up
Hold up Flip Da Scrip n***** some want a mic check
want to knock you by the section
Like a shock on can we rhyme? on my drama
Then they got shy in your areaShort lord tha dope rhymer gonna raid all ya playa hatas
Rap verse 5 (Black):
Why why why we live and direct out to cut
Yes I know that dirty s*** how far n***** will go
To come up with a name like Down LowAnd represent that s*** out of show
You n***** are too slow ,And you n***** don't know
About a freestyle flow ,I kill you soft and slow
I'm about to set this s*** loose to your chest straight to ya
Black and Short Lord a new addition to Booya (Booya)
For all you wannabe's who try flip da scrip
Your scrip got flippedFrom NANA to Bulo ,Now you n***** know
That we don't take no s*** and how Booya flow
On and on wit da bomb style flowRepresentin hip hop now you know
It's live and direct comin' from the booya camp
Toni hook tha n**** ,My plug in my mic. into an amp
And i'm out and it's like that
And i'm out and it's like that
>Chorus (x2)

Rap verse 6:
Aaah ,If I threw a pen at your head it will leave a dot
That would be bigger than the brain you contain .InsaneNow here is the new agendaThe s*** is called rap not a "raap" m****f****
So step behind the lines let me show you how it's done
You call yourself a gangsta but you never seen a gun
And the s*** you call funk is a smell out of flow
So I think it's time for you m****f****s to go down

Rap verse 7:
Now check me King of this side Atlantic
Cause y'all be fakin moves like Maria-ness on strings
Oh' could you hear him comin'
Name NANA supa fly dada
Booya in ya ear ,So bring your own right now
Cause i'm back from the dead to rule whatever's mine
To my black folks never given a back stroke
It's been a long time comin' judgment day is on it's way
Lorde lorde lorde ,I swingin the sword of the good lord
Hell is alassia ,Hey your runnin from the emporor
Seen em like no fake ,Wanna a piece of my biceps?
Now I flex and take them nice and my bets
I got to screw my brothers by these snakes o industry
And gotta watch my back before you dose ambush me
You croocked demons lookin at me like you want something
I'm down with Booya and we out with the cash
Bridge (Alex prince):
He-e-eere is the lady of the house
Singin nominee with a melodyEverybody sha de da-e-a
All you playa hatas stop back
Booya is about to attack
m****f****s be aware
Booya soldiers are every where

>Chorus (x2)

Bridge (Aleks aka Mazaya):
This is Aleks the one with the KBooya is the place to stay
Female voice make some noise--
This is the way we rock a party
Like slick rick la di da di
Ain't nothin like a booya party

Rap verse 8 (Daisy Dee):
Hey NANA lets start some fire
Makin Booya big so the suckers can retire
Admire a female like Dee ,b****** try to copy
Wanna hurt me Or my familyTwo Caps on your head night night sleep tight (f*** you)
All the jealousy makes me love my enemy
Baby if you don't hear ,then you betta clear
When my Booya men are restin the females are still there

Why why why why why why

Rap verse 9 (NANA) :
Make way here I come it's the number one contenda
Heavy weight champion stop trippin surrenda
Blaw blaw to you door you ain't comin' back for more
Knock you on the ground ,Say hi to the floor (hi)
This is how we do it 1997Booya comin' straight for your a** representinGot Toni C. ,Short lord ,Black ,Ski the dan dada
Bulo ,Swift ,Daisy Dee ,Jan and the pappa bear
Be aware check check one two check
Old school style still flyin in full affect
Get in shape with your punk a** crew before you step
Booya will do ya and break your f***** neck
Let me tell you one thing before we get neck to neck
Give me a sec and let me see who's next
Yeay yeah this is how we do Booya style
When you step to us you better bow down and smile
No need to apply for the competition
Booya in the house and we are on a mission
Peace goes out to all the non-believin back stabbin stakes on my jock
y'all can't fade us cause it's 97 booya NANA representin every day all
day throw all the past away ,Suckas ,Blaw in ya face

speech outro till end
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