Danger (Been So Long) Lyrics

You know what time it is n****,
and you know who the f*** this is. DANGER!
DANGER! Get on the floor! The n**** right chea! Sing it!
Let's Get Ready

Chorus: (Nivea)
Been so long (sing it!)
Since, he's been on
So please (get on the floor!)
Show me (the n**** right chea!)
What it is that you want to see

Verse 1:
Go tell the DJ to put my s*** on
I'm keepin' you n***** and b****** in jump from the minute I get on
Takin' they s*** off, showing they tattoos, screamin, and hollerin' and all
Got the gift to come up with it, put it together, deliver it, make 'em feel it
b**** I been on
Like you pulled me out the pencil sharpener
Like that student in the principal office
Put rappers in coffins
They dive like dolphins
I'm t**anic, the lyrical marvel, you don't jump drawers off and so
Watch yaself
Or f*** around and get beside yaself
I know
Go 'head though
Bounce them t******, shake ya a**, drop that p****
Stay in line hoe
f*** a thing, 'cause you can-can
c*** up, head down, p**** poppin' on a handstand
Leave that p**** smokin'
If you wanna do somethin' then bend over an' bust that p**** open

Repeat Chorus Twice
Verse 2:
My f*****' concert line around the corner
Parking cars, n***** lookin' for they b****
Nuttin' on her
You lookin' good momma
Psh, what's up homie?
Sirens, limousines, an' the club owner
Ya b**** you
If you late, ain't no gettin' in this b****
'Cause it's fillin' up
Inside packed from the floor to the ceiling up
The building ain't big enough
I'm backstage bouncin'
Adrenalin buildin' up!
The p**** cutter
Did I stutter?
The heart flutter
Make your woman drawers melt like b***er
Down like Nelly
Hype like Belly
The rhyme seller
Kick a** like Jim Kelly
Stand up,wild out, boot up and frown
Tell a n**** if he wanna try it, then b**** come on down
No sweat, no blood, no tears
An' if I tell you it's the s***, then b**** that's what it is
Repeat Chorus Twice

Talkin 'bout danger
m*********** look
Get on the flo'
The n**** right chea
m***********, watch yo back
Look, look, n**** what, look, look
Get on the flo', what
The n**** right chea
Get 'em up

Repeat Chorus Twice

Get on the flo'
The n**** right chea
Sang it
Get on the flo'
The n**** right chea
This is my m***********' flo'
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