So Strong Lyrics

When the falling night casts a shadow across my heart
As you reach for the light, can't find comfort in the dark
If I caught your eye would I see the brightness
beginning to fade ?
If I read your mind would I keep the memories
from fading away?
In our innocence we were children trying to heal
When we closed our eyes secret worlds
could be revealed
You went walking out to a wonderland
With my heart in your hands
Reaching out in the distance, left our dreams
in the sand.
It was so strong - it was so strong,
and love never loses, love is so strong.

It was in our sights, now it seems so far out of reach
I keep looking behind, losing reception
- the signals are weak
And the pieces lie scattered on the ground
In the shape of my heart
I can't find the connection, lost my faith in the stars.
It was so strong - for so long.
Love never loses,love moves on.It was so strong - that we're just holding on
They say love never loses, love is strong.

And I feel like I'm falling
And my spirit is leaving.
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