Missing You Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mr Key]
Everybody wants to be the cat
If you act like a p****
Get treated like a t***
That's a fact
I had a look and took another step back
That's the last time I'll turn the other cheek
To get slapped
In a bit
I wish you all the best
I ain't bitter
I ain't trippin'
I ain't sick
And I ain't stressed
I ain't crippled and depressed
Sniff, sniffin' in a mess
Nah I'm sittin' reminiscin' on the minutes I was bless
A good woman is the best and you're still one of 'em
We were giving it a rest and we begun again
Love'll take a sucker, make him wonder where the summer went
Deep down, I must've been a glutton for the punishment
So f*** you
Live your life, only know I'll miss you
Wish you all the pretty things I'll never get to give you
Think about all the things I said and did, and how they dissed you
And wonder if I didn't, would it still have been an issue?
Or maybe it's the lack of it
That's got my lady crying like a baby in a Magimix
With no faith in her protagonist
And couldn't see that she's the only one I'll be happy with

Got me crying like an emo
My mates tell me she's a d*** but what does he know
I'll cotch you in my own private piece of paradiso
But watch as the cinema switch to Tarantino

[Verse 2: Mr Key]
This is missing you
This is missing kissing you
This is missing ripping of your knickers in the living room
And this is bitter feuds
This is stick the knife and twist
This is dripping diamond tips, with cyanide and crying fists
Riding on a flying pig
Monkey see and monkey do
Love me sweet and love me true
f*** with me, I'll f*** with you
Nothing sweet and nothing new
Underneath the sunken sheet
Just another sweet summer in a submarine
Love and peace
I've been a Hippy since the day we met
And all the games we loved to play ain't cut or frayed my patience yet
Or changed the way I step
Never play the game correct
Giving it the charlie with potato head in laser quest
Razor and a bayonet
Out of place and out of s***e
I'm at my base, tired, than a lion in a power gaze
So this is missing you
And this is missing kissing you
And this is missing all this things we might've done and didn't do
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