I'll Sail My Ship Alone Lyrics

[D] We've been sweethearts for so long
But now you say, "We're [G] thru!"
The [A7] love we shared is now a memo-[D] ry
I had built a ship of dreams
And planned them all for [G] you
And [A7] now I guess what is to be will [D] be.
[D] I'll sail my ship alone
With [A7] all the dreams I own
Drifting out across the ocean [D] blue
I'll sail my ship alone
Tho' [A7] all the sails, you've torn
And when it starts to sink, then I'll blame [D] you.
I'm just like a ship at sea
That's lost without a sail
The dark clouds hide the sun from up above
And even with these broken dreams
My heart will never fail
For deep inside there's only one true love.

I gave a message to the wind
To take back home to you
Hopin' you would hear my S.O.S.
Maybe you would come back home
My darling, if you knew
How much my aching heart is in distress.

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