Order Out of Chaos Lyrics

In need of an excuse to seize total control of Germany,
The n***s coordinated the false flag burning of their own building.
Followed by a staged attack against a radio station,
h***** won the people's support for a German invasion into Poland.
Fast forward to a CIA coup in Iran
When they overthrew Mohammed Mosadeq.
From machine gunning crowds to bombing houses
With no regard for innocent civilians,
As they staged terror attacks.
A well-documented fact that governments
Use false flags to further hidden agendas.

Does the Gulf of Tonkin ring a bell?
The reason we fought a war in Viet Nam.
Well it turns out they never fired at us.
Little damage resulted from this staged provocation
Except the deaths of 58,000 Americans
And more than a million Viet Namese.
A war only good for political elites,
Just like every other war it seems.
While they sleep soundly at home our families...
Die in wars designed to fail.

Because afterall,
Why rush to solve a conflict
When prolonging it maximizes profit
And expands the amount of liberties people
Are willing to relinquish in exchange for security.
A tactic as old as empire,
Governments have used fear to control their populations.
Order out of chaos.

Governments have always used fear to control their populations.

A seemingly endless history of U.S. sponsored terror
And yet I'm called a "Conspiracy Theorist"
For asking questions and having no trust in our government.

I have no trust in any government.
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